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Hats off to Pittsburgh's milliners (excerpt)



Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


MAY 4, 2014

The word “millinery” is not often heard — or even known by many. But the art of making hats is having a renaissance.

Society is in the thick of hat season, with garden parties, polo matches and weddings in full swing and the Kentucky Derby and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy’s annual hat luncheon over this past weekend.

Once considered old-fashioned or even matronly, finishing an outfit with a stylish topper is resurging, particularly among younger women, largely sparked by the parade of hats and sculpture-esque fascinators spotted at the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William a few years ago.

From across the pond to here in Pittsburgh, milliners are helping women — and men — find a hat that suits their personal style. Here is a sample of them based across the region.

Jennifer L. Copeland Millinery

She earned a degree in art education and studied metal arts, an expertise that informs her hat making.

She started with original hats but found some people wanted to be able to purchase something on the spot, so she introduced a ready-to-wear line. She also offers men’s hats. Custom orders tend to start at about $125, with the average specialty hat priced at $225-$250.

Events and weddings are among the most popular reasons she gets requests, she said, although beach hats also are growing in popularity. Her pieces have been stocked at Carl W. Herrmann Furs and 3G Gallery, both Downtown.


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