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Millinery Services

Custom Headwear and Bespoke Services

The millinery offers custom design and bespoke services that are certain to top off the perfect outfit and reflect your own personal sense of style.  Jennifer works with clients from the design stage, to the selection of fabrics, to the fitting and the final production of the hat.  These custom millinery services are available by appointment at Jennifer's studio in the heart of Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh.  For those who are not local ,you may also customize the color and details of a hat from the millinery's seasonal selections.  Price varies with each individual hat. Please send requests to


Hat Maintenance

Millinery requires a touch of TLC from time to time.  Just like a suit or a dress might need a pressing or a cleaning, hats need a bit of specialized care.  The millinery takes pride in offering the following services in order to fulfill that need.


Steaming is an essential part of hat maintenance and can transform the look of a slightly misshapen brim, a rumpled crown, and the texture of a long-hair felt.  The cost starts at $30.00 depending on the condition of the hat.


For when a light steam just won’t do, the millinery can re-block an existing Jennifer L. Copeland Millinery hat back into shape, reforming it on the same studio hat mold.  The cost for this service starts at $35.00.

Hat Repairs

The millinery repairs minor damages to the embellishments and structure of hats.  The price of the repair is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on each individual hat.  Damages include loose stitching, protruding brim-wire, feather breakage, misshapen flowers, etc.  The cost for repairs begins at $35.00.

Please note that all services must be approved by the milliner.

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